You Are Invited to Learn the Secret of Dragon Magick.

Connect with the Dragons, and fly with them into a multi-dimensional junction of time and space where magick can, and should take place!

To touch the dragon you must reach past your fear of failure!
See in yourself the perfect you.
It is always there... but sometimes, we forget.
Like a diamond of light...
See it reflected in the eyes of your dragon...
Know that you are a perfect star!
To touch the dragon you must surrender to your greatness!
-Note to self, 6/16/94

What is the Draig Sidhe Path?

The Draig Sidhe Path is a summation of 40+ years of living a magickal life, along with contributions from my wife & soulmate, and other members of the Draig Sidhe.

First and foremost, we are a Mystery Tradition. However, we do not ask you to toss aside everything you have ever learned to do things our way. What that means is we are offering the equivalent of a map to water. It is still up to you to make the journey and touch the water for yourself.

The Draig Sidhe is like a stand or group of aspen trees. Each Hedge, Tor and Member is like a tree in the stand, they all share a common root system: our core teachings. With each new member we accept, the stand of aspens grow larger and stronger.

Witchcraft comes in many forms and flavors, the Draig Sidhe Path is just another way of looking at the magickal world that we all live in.

Sea, Land, Sky

A Dragon Magick Grimoire
by Parker J. Torrence

Part 1: Here there be Dragons is an introduction to the world of Dragon Magick and the Realms of Sea, Land, and Sky. Here there be Dragons, and here you will learn the mystical art of meeting them and learn to incorporate them into your magickal rituals.

Part 2: The Book of Dragon Shadows is a miscellany of rituals, spells and formulas. Everything needed to practice the art of Dragon Magick. Designed to be used by the solitaire witch or by a group.