About the Draig Sidhe Path

In many ways, there is nothing new in magick that has not been written and rewritten almost to the point of death. The challenge is how to take what is not new and present it in a format that rekindles the spark of magick within. We call the Draig Sidhe Path an evolving tradition. The downside of this philosophy is that with each step of this evolution the concept that once defined it, changes. The upside is that with each step of this evolution the concept that once defined it, changes. What does not change are the core teachings that the Draig Sidhe Path is founded upon. First and foremost, we are a Mystery Tradition. My personal view of what that means is the equivalent of offering you a map to water. It is still up to you to follow the map and drink the water yourself.

In my forty (plus) years of study and practice, I have explored a number of paths and traditions. You could say that the Draig Sidhe Path is a summation of my magickal life, with contributions from my wife and soulmate, as well as other members of the Draig Sidhe. We don’t ask you to give up everything you have ever learned and only do it our way. We ask, what do you bring to the party?

A metaphor for the Draig Sidhe Path Tradition: The Draig Sidhe is like a stand or group of aspen trees. Each Hedge, Tor and Member is like a tree in the stand, they all share a common root system. For the Draig Sidhe Path, these are our core teachings. With each new member we accept, the stand of aspen trees grows larger and stronger.

So that brings us back to the question of what is the Draig Sidhe Path? We are not neo-wicca, and we are not Wiccan. I feel that the terms “Wicca” & “Wiccan” have been misused too often. Wicca is a dogmatic religion, the Draig Sidhe Path is not a religion. We also are not a reconstructionist group. I personally have a great deal of respect for those that follow and teach a reconstructionist path, and I find their work of great value in understanding my own path. We do not fall within the current definition of Traditional Witchcraft, or Hedge Witchery. So what does that leave? Eclectic Neo-Pagan Witches who practice a unique form of dragon magick, with a twist of oriental philosophy on the side. I hate pigeonholes, and I hate trying to put the Draig Sidhe Path into one.

Witchcraft comes in many forms and flavors, the Draig Sidhe Path is just another way of looking at the magickal world that we all live in.