Dragon Runes … the unpacking

In April of 2001, Isedon Goldwing envisioned the Dragon Runes, or as they are also known, the Druatch Runes.

This post is about a set of Dragon Rune Cards created by my friend Marcelo Sowello [FB] based upon Isedon Goldwing’s Runes.

The cards left Brazil on June 12th and I found them in my mailbox on June 22nd, so it only took them ten days to get to me.

Outside package wrapping.

From lable on bottom of packing box.
Inside box packing.

The box for the cards is wood and comes wrapped in cellophane.

First view of the box.

Side view of box still in cellophane wrapper.

The box without cellophane wrapper.

Inside view of the wood box and back of lid. You can see the booklet in the box.

A view of the cards.

The Ionali rune card with info page in the booklet.

As a side note, the photos were taken with my phone as I unwrapped the Dragon Rune cards. Some photos are a bit out of focus, sorry about that my dogs were trying to help. I also did some post work to blur some info and resize.

You may notice that the text of the booklet and the caption on the cards is in Portuguese. Overall I am very impressed with the packaging and care that went into getting this deck to me. I am also very impressed with my first look at these cards. After I have time to work with the rune deck I will post more information.