by Parker J Torrence & Gwen Wolfrose Torrence

Dragons: you find them everywhere. From Tiamat of Assyro-Babylonian mythology to the Leviathan of the Hebrews (Book of Isaiah chapter 27). There are the dragons of Chinese culture and myth. The Vikings had their dragons, the Aztecs also had a dragon. Dragons are found in almost every place that man is found. We seem to have some primal archetypal link with these colossal creatures. Could dragons just be an afterimage trapped in our cultural memory from some distant pre-prehistoric man that glimpsed the last of the race of some long-dead creature? Or are dragons something more than memory? Could it be that they co-exist with us in a dimension that dreams and magick give us access to? Whatever the case, Whatever your belief, I submit that with knowledge, and practice, you can employ dragons in your magick.

For advanced and serious practitioners of Dragon Magick. Combining the ground breaking text of the 2003 original book with course material from the Draig Sidhe Path, this work is a must have for anyone wishing to take the basic class. The Draig Sidhe Path is a mystery school, as such their teachings can be applyed across a wide range of magickal systems.

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